I know if you’ve been anywhere around the internet the past few days you’ve heard something about . I’ve participated three times over the past few years and I’ve had a lot of fun. If you have been in a cave or under a rock, yes I know those are both clichés; NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Every year during November, writers around the world, gear up for that all important goal of writing 50,000 words. If you’re still trying to keep up that is 50,000 words during the month of November. Those of you whose eyes are threatening to pop out of your head, that does mean 1,666.6666 or, if you round up, 1,667 words per day. I guess you have to be a writer to think trying to write that many words every day is fun.

Go to to sign up and join thousands of other writers trying to avoid a nervous breakdown during the month of November. One of the best parts of this, and since sarcasm doesn’t come across that well without pointing it out, I’m pointing it out, you get to ask your family to please be patient while you hog the family computer and ignore holiday guests and have one more reason to;

Not take out the garbage,

Not go to church on Sunday,

Not hang Christmas lights,(but you’ll look like a freaking genius if you still have them up from last year)

Not rake the leaves,

Not change out of your pajamas,

Not eat dinner with the family.

Anyway, I think you get the picture. While it may not sound like it, I do enjoy the process every November. I have been successful in reaching the 50,000 word mark twice. Doing so gives you a good feeling and a warm heart throughout December but that’s about it unless you love to rewrite.

This year I’m taking a different approach. I have a chapter outline almost finished. This should keep me on track and help me to keep those unruly characters in line. I hope all of you are going to participate this year and stop by this blog every few days to let me know how you’re doing. I’ll be doing the same. I doubt I’ll have much time to do anything more than that in the way of entries.

Let me know if you plan on participating this year. It’s really a lot of fun. If this will be your first time that’s great, I know you’re probably scared to the point of wetting your pants but that’s half the fun. Not the wetting your pants part but the being scared part.

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Kindle Fire: Out of the Box (Photo credit: Brian Sawyer)


I don’t normally do this but I thought some of you would probably appreciate a chance to win a new Kindle fire HD. That’s right, a new Kindle fire HD. I have a Kindle Touch and I love it. I also have a Kindle Fire which is also great. I still love to read books but my Kindle somehow lets me read faster. I know, that probably sounds silly but it’s true. When I read on my Kindle I have the super power of semi fast reading. Enough about how much I enjoy my Kindle here is what you can do to enter to win a new Kindle fire HD.


Go to


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Please don’t be startled if I stagger a little and belch unexpectedly. I’ve been out all night celebrating because I’ve been nominated; very kindly I might add, for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Pat over at . Pat has a very entertaining blog and you never know what she might have on display. Sometimes it’s a great piece of fictional writing and others a touching piece of her history. Either way you can’t go wrong by dropping by over there and saying howdy. Thank you very much Pat. I’ve dusted off my powder blue tux from my high school prom oh so many years ago and bought some new shiny leather shoes. Nothing looks better on a red carpet than black, leather shoes.

Pat has asked me to reveal seven things about myself. It will be hard trying to think of something I’ve not already revealed during a fit of blog madness. So, seven things about myself:

  1. When I was in high school and played football I had to shave my head. Each person on the team had to sport that dandy look. My hair never recovered.
  2. I once owned a pair of wooden sole shoes. Yes, I actually paid for them and wore them with my baggy pants back in the late sixties. Cool huh?
  3. I once had drinks with Ernest Hemingway at a bar in Florida. No, wait that was a dream. I’m still going to count it.
  4. I’ve been married for thirty-seven years and have two kids. This is what’s called a twofer because you get two for one. That’s because I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that in a blog or two.
  5. I used to love wild animals until I moved into the house I now live in. Deer attack my dog in the back yard, squirrels try to bombard me with acorns when I’m sitting on my deck, and five baby raccoons got into my basement. Those things are mean and have a nasty attitude. Our house is almost 80 years old with a huge backyard that’s surrounded by trees. Sounds great if it weren’t for all those varmints that try to cohabitate with me.
  6. Yes, I realize I shared more than one item in number five.
  7. I was in a fight and lost one of my front teeth earlier this year. The fight was during high school oh so many years ago. The dentist managed to push the tooth back in place. It lasted longer than any car I’ve ever owned so I can’t complain.

Now I have the opportunity to nominate a few deserving blogs. It’s really hard to only pick a few but here goes:

These are my nominees, all deserving of the Beautiful Blogger Award. Be sure to stop by each one and say hello. Thanks again to Pat for her kind nomination. I’ll try to live up to the award but no one has ever accused me of being beautiful.

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As long as I can remember I’ve loved to write. When in high school I would have enjoyed it more if it had been deemed as cool. Unfortunately it wasn’t so I played football, baseball, and briefly wrestled. All were things you could do and not be thought of as a dork or nerd. Looking back I find it rather tragic that all things resembling a classroom and requiring brain power was not cool. I know this may sound trite and many may think, the first item in a long list of excuses but it’s not, really. I do sometimes wish I had been stronger and smart enough to plan for the future but that didn’t happen. As it turned out I didn’t excel at sports either, other than baseball. That was something I both loved to play and was halfway decent. Again, even though I loved to play, it did nothing for me after high school. This is where the “what-ifs” start to pop up, what if I had applied myself and tried to do more than just enough to get by? What if I had worked on my own to improve what I wanted to do, as in write? Since the laws of physics will not allow us to go back in time to have a do over, the “what-ifs” are a complete waste of time.


English: Logo of General Motors Corporation. Source:


What can I do about it now? For starters I’ve tried to share these feelings with my children and grandchildren. Unfortunately for my kids, I didn’t really have this “revelation of the “what-ifs” until I was in my late thirties. You know, that sweet time in life when you look around and wonder where the time has gone. That was about the time when General Motors closed the plant I had worked at for ten years, the place I had planned to retire from. We all have hiccups in our lives but this one really made me think. At that point in time I did a few things to right my perceived wrongs. I went back to college while I was working full-time as a desk clerk at a motel. I don’t recommend this to anyone. It was also around this time when I started writing. I took a class at Miami University on Creative Writing. I absolutely loved the class. A consequence of this class was learning I could write stories that others liked to read. I also learned that the feeling I received when others read something I wrote and liked it bordered on the incredible. It was more than being accepted as a writer it was validation of the feelings I had when I would write.


Everyone who loves to write may not arrive along the same paths and may not all enjoy writing the same things. One thing we all share is that feeling we get when a story or an article or a report is flying out of our fingers while they pound the keyboard. That feeling of creating characters or opening the eyes of readers about a problem they have and offering a solution. I don’t know about you but that’s a feeling I don’t want to give up. I’ll continue to write as long as I physically can. Whether it’s good or bad writing I still love the process. In my case I love creating characters, building settings hoping the reader can smell the coffee as the waitress pours it into a cup on the counter. I don’t know about you but I love to write and I plan on doing it for a long time.


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